Must Tri Harder: A Triathlon Bike Is HOW Much?!

Triathlon sign


Having been unable to run for a week due to cheap sock induced, half marathon blisters I had the epiphany on Sunday of swimming to keep my fitness up whilst unable to run. I used to swim a LOT in my teenage years and, after returning to the pool on Sunday, I enjoyed it so much that I went back last night for more. On Sunday I swam 60 lengths (1.5k) progressing last night to 80 lengths (2k). I received many strange looks from the elderly ladies as I strove to make myself as out of breath as possible, stopping and panting at the edge of the pool every 10 lengths!

But us runners are a little bit mad aren’t we? Putting our bodies through the mill in the quest for ‘The Next PB’…

The Triathlon Kit

I’d never really considered triathlons before. I’d always considered them a bit like I do endurance races – a distraction or excuse for running slowly! But after enjoying my swimming so much and feeling confident after last night’s session I started to Google local triathlon races – of which there were a few.

“Ah”… I thought. I need a bike. So off to Google I went, in search of a cheapo triathlon bike. Well much tea was spluttered when at the top of the results was a Merida 24 Warp Carbon bike for nearly £8,000! Ok, I thought, I’ll just find something a bit cheaper – not happening – these bikes are expensive:

Triathlon bike prices

Maybe Tri (aha!) a Duathlon

My god! I guess that’s why running’s so popular! That’s a real barrier to entry, making Triathlon a sport for those that can afford the gear; decent goggles for swimming, a ‘trisuit to swim/run in, a decent bike and trainers. That’s one expensive sport!

I may yet enter an off-road duathlon near to me with a trail/forest route. That way I can use my old mountain bike and just where my regular shorts and t-shirt!