Training: Sunday Long(ish) Run

After getting my Parkrun PB on Saturday, my legs were unusually stiff on the Sunday morning – I must have put my all into the Parkrun! It was a nice warm day, around 22 degrees by lunchtime as I kitted up in my running gear but with aching legs I decided to just do an easy 10k. As I headed out of the door and clocked my first mile I remembered that I have a few longer races coming up soon, and with a 10k race this weekend I won’t have done enough longer distances recently.

So after 5k I resolved to do 15k! This took a monumental amount of willpower as with already tired legs, the turning for the extra 5k loop was just before my house. This was a 15km training run that felt like I’d just run a half marathon! Looking at the stats from my watch afterwards, my heart rate was pretty high, maxing out at 207bpm – I’ve definitely noticed that when I feel that specific kind of tiredness when running, my heart rate seems to be high. Where-as my heart rate didn’t go anywhere near as high when I ran my 5k PB the other day…


Distance: 14km
Time: 70mins
Max heart rate: 207bpm
Average heart rate:

Next Training

A self marshalled speed session tonight!

Training: Long Sunday Run

With a 13 mile, very hilly run upcoming in one week’s time I decided to forego a 5k race that I’d planned to do, and head out (reluctantly) for a 10 mile run instead.

They say time on feet is more important in a long run than speed. So in an ideal world I’d have run for 90 minutes today at a steady pace. Didn’t happen. Can’t run slow! I did run 9.7 miles though, in 70 minutes and picked a route with some tough hills to prepare for next week. I then ran each of the hills as fast as I could to incorporate some resistance training.

An enjoyable run, through country lanes and perfect running weather again – not too hot, not too cold. Goldilocks weather.


Distance: 9.7km
Time: 70mins
Average heart rate: 137bpm

Next Training
Some sprints tomorrow in a distance pyramid – five of each of the following; 30 metres, 50m, 100m, 300m, 300m, 100m, 50m, 30m. Prepping for an athletics meet I’m doing in September.

Training: Long Sunday Run (in a gale!)

The news has been full of some ex-hurricane Bertha or something, which was meant to hit today. After my painful experience at the Stur Half Marathon last week I vowed to make an effort to do a longer run each week so hurricane or no hurricane – I was running.

So I headed out this morning into… Quite a nice day actually! After raining all morning, just as I stepped out of the door the clouds withdrew, the rain stopped and the sun started to peep through.

The route I took takes you out of the main town, where the road then begins to slope up for a long while through the village of Langton Matravers. As I climbed higher and higher to reach the top of the hill, the wind really got up – this was some good resistance training! It was all I could do to keep pressing on against the sudden, head on gale. But eventually the direction of the road changed to take me through picturesque Worth Matravers and past the famed Square & Compass pub, with the wind now behind me.

With the wind now behind me things felt a lot better and the downhill all the way back into town helped push the pace back up!

There’s a horrendous race coming up on August 31st called The Beast. It has a lot of hills and lasts for 12 miles and is, in fact, a beast of a run. So today I forced myself to sprint up every hill I met which I felt in both my chest and my legs towards the end.

Total distance: 9 miles
Time: 66 minutes

My wife did 12.5 miles in the Purbeck hills with her club, Lytchett Manor Striders, so lunch was then keenly devoured by all!

Next Training
A quick 5k tomorrow night depending on how my legs feel after today!

Training: Sunday 10 Miler

It must be 10k season as I realised today that I hadn’t been for anything over 10k for about five weeks after lots of shorter (10k) races. This in turn set me into panic mode as more than one person has mentioned that next week’s Portland 10m is tough!

So today I forced myself out into the morning sun for a ten mile run. It was tough, hot and to be honest, I didn’t really enjoy it! But it was necessary and the views helped ; )


Training: The Long Sunday Run

Although it wasn’t that long… I suppose ‘long’ is a subjective word. To an ultrarunner, long would be 50 miles and my 10 mile Sunday run becomes a relatively short run!

I digress.

One of my aims for this year was to try to do at least one longer run and one speed session each week. The aim was for each long run to last a minimum of 90 minutes as apparently it’s ‘time on feet’ that matters, rather than distance. So a slow 10 miles that takes 90 minutes to run is good for a training run, teaching your body to convert fat in to energy efficiently etc.

However… I get SO bored running by myself that 90 minutes of solo running is not an exciting prospect. So yesterday’s run was 9.8 miles and lasted for 70 minutes. It was a very hilly route – I always try to make my longer run hilly to add an extra dimension to the training and sprint up the hills when I have the energy!

Training: Easy 5k, Tempo 8 Miles

Sunday – 5k Easy
On Saturday I ran my socks off to get a PB at Parkrun. I usually recover quickly but there was definitely a bit of residual tiredness in my legs on Sunday, so I opted for an easy 5k at around 6:40 minute miles.

Monday – Intended Long Run
On Monday, it was a Bank Holiday here in the UK, so I took the opportunity to do my long run of the week. Bored of my usual routes, I headed out in the car to explore. I remembered a nature reserve I used to go when we were kids called Arne so went in that direction.

Parking at my old high school, The Purbeck School, I ran a mile alongside a busy bypass before reaching the village of Stoborough, just the other side of the flood plains from Saxon walled Wareham. This was where the road split off in to a quiet lane, undulating for 3 miles towards Arne.

However… I hadn’t accounted for the sun being out and the time of day. It was only around 19 degrees c but having not taken any water with me, I started to feel really, really thirsty! So I turned around at 4 miles making the distance at the end exactly 8 miles, not exactly a long run but I’d already run 9 miles mid-week so I didn’t worry too much!

Some photos I took along the way, beautiful scenery with the ruins of Corfe Castle growing closer with every step…




Next Training
Purbeck Runners club night if I can make it home from work in time, otherwise a tempo 10k with a few hills thrown in!

Training: An Evening 10 Miler

It rained and rained all day on Sunday as I put off my long run with each passing hour of precipitation. “I’ll go when my breakfast has gone down… I’ll go after lunch… I go when it stops raining… I’ll go – Ah the rain’s stopped.” Even then I was thinking to myself, “I’ll just do a short 5k today and my long one tomorrow.”

The Run

So I shot out into the evening sun on what I initially intended on being a quick out-and-back 5k. When I reached the turning point at 2.5k, I felt good so carried on to 5k. I still felt good so turned down a road I’d never run down to add on a bit of mileage. This took me on a very hilly loop back round to my village. I can’t stress the words VERY HILLY enough. There were a lot of hills. Bearing in mind I’d started out at six minute miles planning on a short jog, this was a good workout. You know it’s been a good training run when you can’t get your legs to move any faster when home is in sight! 10 miles in 75 minutes – bearing in mind the hills I was quite happy with this (my 10 mile PB is 66 mins).

Upping The Mileage

The training is on now for June 1st’s 10k. This was a race that I did two years ago in 50 minutes in 30 degrees c heat – fingers crossed for cooler weather this time! With the lighter evenings it’s now easier to up my mileage to 35ish miles per week. 10 miles done on Sunday, 7 tonight incorporating a speed session, 6 on Wed, 6 on Thurs and i’ll try and fit in a quick morning 3 miles on Friday. On Sunday there is the Southbourne Fast and Flat 10k race. sometimes I think a 10k in race conditions does a lot more for your fitness than a gentle jog for twice the distance…

Next Training

Tonight, 6 miles + 20 x 200m repeats.