Training: A Wet Recovery Run!

After a fast 10k in the heat on Sunday, followed by a strenuous track session last night, an nice easy run was on the cards.

As I pulled on my running gear I heard that well known sound of any English summer – the pitter patter of rain outside. I don’t often do slow or recovery runs very well, as I always speed up! This evening though, it was nice to slip out into the summer rain and run 7.5k at a relaxed pace. In the wet, the lanes were empty of the usual dog walkers and evening walkers and I had the full 35 minutes all to myself : ) A tonic after a busy day at work and one of the reasons I love running.

Next Run
A rest tomorrow night before the next Upton race (3.5 miles)

Training: A Rare Morning Run!

After two days of intense speed work on Tues and Wed, I didn’t go for a run last night. It certainly didn’t help that it was tipping it down with rain!

Usually the mornings are a whirlwind of getting everyone ready for school/nursery/work, rushing out of the door with toast in my mouth. This morning however everyone left at 7:30am and I found myself with a rare hour before I had to leave for work. Looking out of the window, the sky was the kind of fresh blue that you only get in spring-time – so on went the running gear and out of the door I went!

Spring time running

Spring time running

The run itself was a hilly loop totaling 5k in 21:40. Nothing to write home about but just nice to get out before work!


Training: The Easy Run

Dull But Necessary

Not much to write home about from last night’s training! An easy and enjoyable 9.5k jaunt around my hometown of Swanage in the rain. Wore my high-vis jacket and got way too hot – will I never learn?!

Running in the dark of winter

Running in the dark of winter

Well according to the great Greg Mcmillan:

“Not running slow enough on easy days is probably the number-one error runners make”

Slow runs are good for your head as you’re not thinking about pacing or trying to will yourself forward.

They’re also great as a recovery run after a hard race. The muscle movement pumps blood around your stressed muscles, flushing out all the bad stuff as well as reminding your muscles that you’re a runner…

Probably better on a light summers evening, meandering through pastures green than in the lamplit dark of concrete pavements around housing estates. But it does the same job ; )