An Interesting Discovery!

Last night’s run didn’t happen. By the time my wife returned from her 7 mile club run it was 9 o’clock, the rain was lashing down and to be quite honest, I could still feel a few twinges from Tuesday night’s track session. So I didn’t go our for a run. Quelle horreur! All that lost weekly mileage!
Instead, I took a piece of my own advice and did some core and leg muscle workouts. The Plank, Russian Twists, Press Ups and all manor of other exercises to strengthen up those muscles.

It was while I was doing a set of leg raises (lie on side, lift leg up then down 20 times) that I realised how WEAK my left leg is! I know I have a bad ankle as a a result of a fracture some years ago. I also knew that my body had been compensating as my Achilles tendon sometimes hurts a lot. Lying down on my left side I raised my right leg in to the air 20 times. It started off fairly easy but I quickly felt my thigh muscle (abductor?) screaming for me to stop! Then on the my left leg… 9 raises in and I had to stop. I can only do 9 raises with my left leg but 20 with my right leg. I had a feeling I wass putting more power through my right leg but I didn’t realise that I’d slowly been weakening my left leg by not using it correctly.

So three times a week from now on I’ll be raising that left leg as many times as I can!

No training again tonight. Wife out to dinner with friend so looking after the kiddiwinks.

Tomorow’s training:

It’s Saturday… and you know what Saturday means! PARKRUN wooooooohoooo! See if I can do better than that 19:09 last Saturday…

Running Workouts – 6 Core Training Exercises

I really need to practice what I preach when it comes to this as I very rarely give my core a workout.

The great Mo Farah has stressed the importance of core workouts and stated how regular workouts have improved his times. So if it works for Mo…

Here are six core training exercises (videos courtesy of the Guardian):

1. One Legged Deadlifts

2. Russian Twists

3. Pikes

4. Rotational Planks

5. Superman crunches

6. Leg Raises

There is more info on these on the Guardian website