Back To It: A 10k in the Sun

One thing I’ve learned this week is how, when you’re running regularly you take it for granted how used to running your body is. After not training for 10 days, I went out with Purbeck Runners on Wed evening which involved a bit of a hill climb and 10k of running – crickey my legs hurt the next day!

So it was with still achy legs that I set out on Friday morning in to the sunshine for what I intended to be an 8k run. The weather and views were so nice though, I wound up running 10k again! Took some pics as it was so picturesque:

20140419-073929 am.jpg

20140419-073944 am.jpg

20140419-073956 am.jpg

20140419-074013 am.jpg

20140419-074023 am.jpg

Next Training
Parkrun 5k today (Saturday). Not going for any PBs due to lack of fitness, more as a training run.

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