I’m Rob and I run. But I don’t run anywhere as much as I need to hence this blog. If it’s down in black and white… I have to do it right?

I spend a lot of time researching how to become a better runner and doing plenty of training to boot. I race for Purbeck Runners which is a lovely club based in Swanage in the UK.

Contact me:

The Aims:

I am going to achieve the following goals with my running:

1. Run a Parkrun / 5k in under 18 minutes
2. Run a sub 38 10k

3. Run a 10 mile race in under 65 minutes

4. Run a half marathon in 90 minutes or less

Current personal bests as of Jan 2014:

Parkrun / 5k = 18:46
10k = 39:52

10mile = 66:15

1/2 Marathon = 97:30 (Updated to 93:03 as of 2/2/14)

3 thoughts on “About

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  3. I was very impressed with your current PB. If I ever get anywhere near 20mins for a 5k I will be incredibly pleased (and I’m nowhere near that currently, but it’s good to have something to aim for).

    Like you, I can’t help but think that if I put it down in writing on the internet then someone will call me to task if I don’t go running. That’s the theory at least. I hope it continues to work for you and you hit your target.

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