February 23
Running News

The launch of a new campaign by Asics entitled ‘It’s a Big World, Go Run It’, featuring athletes Gwen Jorgeson, Sissi Cussot, Ryan Martin and more

Mo Farah Breaks the World Record for 2 Miles (inc race itself)!
February 21
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Mo Farah broke the world record at the British Indoor Grand Prix in Birmingham in 8:03:40 after seven weeks of specific training in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

February 18
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Great Britain track athletes Mo Farah and Andy Vernon had a heated exchange on Twitter as teasing then showed the nastier side to running’s Mr Nice.

Florence Kiplagat Breaks Own Half Marathon World Record!
February 16
Running News

Florence Kiplagat breaks the half marathon world record with a time of 65:09 in Barcelona.

Fashion Friday: 10 Cool Kit Bags for under £30
February 13
Gear ReviewsRunning News

A look at ten sports backpacks that can make the perfect running kit bag, all for under £30!

February 22
Training Diary

Doing a parkrun when feeling ill was, it turns out, not the best idea!

February 12
Training Diary

Training Diary: An Easy 7k – sometimes, amongst all the hill and speed sessions, long runs and fartleks, it’s good to take it short and easy…

February 11
Training Diary

January 14

Ugali is the Kenyan superfood for running, comprising maize flour and water. Many Kenyan athletes have this as part of their regular diet and before a race – recipe and method.

How To Lose Weight in Your Lunch Break
December 17
Weight Loss

Advice on how to lose weight in your lunch break by getting up from your desk and running

Nutrition: Christmas Day Super Foods
December 17

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Stepping Up in Triathlon Race Distance
February 06
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If you’ve tried a few shorter triathlons here’s some advice for those now looking to make the step up to the Olympic, half or even full Ironman triathlon distances.

February 05
5k Training PlansAdviceInspirationMotivationRunning News

A beginners guide to parkrun, for anyone who thinks they might do it one day but is worried about how to go about it. A step by step guide to parkrun!

February 02

Eight ways in which you can win the metal battle whilst running a distance race.

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