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16 Ways You Know You’re Addicted To Strava

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Rob Murray

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If you run or cycle then chances are that you’ve heard of a few running ‘apps’. This is a homage to the current leader of the pack, Strava

1. You log into Strava way more than Facebook or Twitter.

2. You tweaked the distance of your long Sunday run, just so you complete the February Half Marathon Challenge.

3. Someone you don’t know follows you and you follow them back cos’ hey, we’re all runners, right?

4. You follow some pros like Steve Way… and comment on all some of their activities enthusiastically

5. You load up the Strava app on your phone, in the middle of a meeting/class, under the table, to check if anyone else has logged a run today. And pull down to refresh… and refresh again.

6. You weren’t going to go for a run, but you just saw that the guy you follow from that other running club did 10k in like, 41 minutes earlier… So on go your trainers and out you go #copycat.

7. You go for a quick dip in the sea or take the kids swimming. That’s soooo going down as a 0.1k swimming activity.

8. You know where all the segments are in your local area and ok, might just speed up a bit when you hit them. If you’re on Strava Premium you get a nice helpful progress announcement in your ear.

9. Ok… er, I went out and did a recce of all my local segments, then the next day did a full warm up and sprinted those bad boys to take the leaderboard by storm.

10. You synced your Strava to your parkrun profile


11. Every activity has to have the right running shoes/bike matched to it (how else are you going to track that shoe’s mileage?)

12. Leave the default title for my activity? Are you kidding? It’s an executive summary of my run/ride/swim.

strava description


13. Strava kudos etiquette rules. Someone gives you kudos for today’s run, you repay that right back to them by hitting the thumbs up on their workout.

strava kudos

14. At least once, you tried a new route that you discovered by seeing someone else run it on Strava. Do you say ‘hi’ as you awkwardly run past them mid-route?

15. It’s the only social network where you don’t mind how few many people follow you. Who you follow and the activities they do are more important.

16. Your profile pic is an action shot of you in all your running/cycling/swimming/active glory.

This post is in no way sponsored by or officially associated with Strava. Just a big fan!

Author: Rob Murray

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